December 12, 2010


We have made it through our first day of the studio sale and it was great. Though the weather in Berlin is quite nasty, we had the most friendly and interested guests. The build up has been a bit too hectic for my taste, thanks to Thomas and my sister, who did an amazing job, we finally lit the candles and opened the doors.

In about two hours we're about to go into round second; my dress is waiting for me and some flowers to be put up into my hair, then everything is waiting for you. So if you're in the Berlin area of Neukölln, stop by and visit us. Everybody is most welcome for a cup of coffee, a chat or to take part in one of the chocolate workshops. There are still some places left, for the onces who decide spontaneously to roll some truffles.

Holiday Studio Sale

Sunday 12/12/2010
from 2 -10 p.m.

Berlin- Neukölln
Sanderstraße 20

Sunday beginning: 2, 4, 6 and 8 p.m.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Fee:13, - €
(Children till 6 years free!)

For the rest of you; get some cookies, sit down with some good tunes and have the most wonderful Sunday!


  1. It looks realy nice, too bad I'm not in the area...

  2. lecker wonderful sinnlich und einfach schön !!

  3. wish i could have come!
    all the best to you