November 21, 2010

"under the weather"

It is cold in Berlin today, kind of a wintery feeling. And myself, instead of working on next week's job, I am fighting a nasty infection. I can not recall how many litres of that special herbal tea I did brew since Friday, and how many of  those nasty tasting pills I've swallowed.

But not only was I fighting the actual virus, but also the one that is called "procastination". For three days in a row, I did basically nothing. Well, I took extensive dives into all different shapes of daydreams and strolled busy through my favourite blogs for hours: fantasizing about the redecoration of our living room, making plans for the next dinner and listening to the most wonderful music. One of the favourite picks must have been Jennie Stabis, by the way. And while Madame flew from the Fishowl, the husband was terribly busy and above, even looked good walking Emma.

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