November 22, 2010

"delicate wings"

As an artist you only very seldom have regular Mondays. Working over the weekend most of the time, the week normaly start with some nice sleeping in, followed by some house cleaning action and a very lazy night. Today was different though. This was it, the real deal. Early in the morning I woke up, already soaked in a good dose of nervousness, later followed by some cups of drama, some heated up arguments, and the feeling I won't make it through this week if I cannot create an explosion or anything at least that spectacular. Ten hours later everything is quiet around the studio and on my desk sits a huge bowl, filled up with two hundred cutted out birds.

Their tiny paper feathers and the little faces look so delicate to me, I fear they've been blown away by tomorrow morning. Instead, let's hope for a good start into Tuesday.


  1. ach Frau Annton,
    very beautiful you, and the blog and the installation, and the everything.

  2. ach frau karin,
    thank you! forever to us beautiful-concept warriors!