March 19, 2017

ac rituals and routines

When being invited to this week's art callenge RITUALS AND ROUTINES, something instantly clicked. I've immediately started thinking way back into my childhood, remembering what made me feel safe by then, and went looking into my days these days. What is it, that keeps me going? And you might have guessed so already, YES in my case it is food. And beverages. And it is obvious. The pur act of brewing coffee in the morning and holding that warm mug, while checking my emails. Another coffee or water, served during a meeting. increases my confidence. A tea break with cookies in the afternoon, gives a nice turn to busy studio times, and a glass of wine at night, sometimes I can't think of anything more relaxing. As much as I am trying to establish other routines into my daily lifestyle, I am having a hard time doing so. Food and beverages always work.

If you like to know, what the other artists came with, according to RITUALS AND ROUTINES, feel most welcome to jump over to the great Nadine and have a closer look. Thank you for the invitation, dear!


  1. Haha! Love the beverage rituals- I think we have the same schedule!

  2. It's remarkable how many of our daily rituals revolve around food. This is obviously universal, and tremendously important. I really enjoyed your photos and paintings of the food; the lovely colors make it look so tantalizing!

  3. Food is a lovely routine and ritual that most of us partake in.
    Your sketches and paintings are lovely and fun to see.

  4. You paint the most glorious food and drinks, Aanton! Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the ritual of tea. I will not just plop the teabag into the cup while I rush off to do something while waiting for it to steep. xo