February 10, 2017

the perks of country living

After seven months of living out of the city, it feels like those two worlds are finally growing together. In the best possible way. And that home, is truly becoming home. Meaning, we're getting somewhere with our place. Somewhere, that feels like us. I have been in love with the space from the first moment I had stepped into the hallway, but it had a very different atmosphere and, let's call it aura, than the old Fishbowl. So now, to celebrate the progress around here, get ready for a post loaded with images. Nothing especially styled and taken with my small digital camera, but please come on in and be our guest. Maybe you would like some tea or a glass of wine.

Starting off with the hallway and my obvious love for green. There will probasbly never be a home, that I will call my home, lacking a good dose of green. Grateful for a husband, who doesn't get scared by its many shades.

Next, pay me a little visit in my studio and then take a very blurry peek, into the so not finished bedroom. Though it is hell to take a picture in there, I totally love the amount of sunlight, hitting it in the morning.

And finally, the room that was the dealbreaker for trying out country life, after all. The enormous open kitchen aka living room. On our first visit, we have been sitting in there with the landlords for exactly five minutes, when the husband looked at me, nodding. That was that. Who could blame him. I won't.

And this is exactly, where I am headed next, into the kitchen. For an open fire and a cosy cooking session. I wish you guys, a marvelous weekend. Enjoy, live and hug the ones you love. See you next week!


  1. It's beautiful! Looks welcoming and happy.
    A fine studio space as well.
    No wonder you made you decision is less than five minutes!

  2. Your home is beautiful. Well done for making the change.

  3. your home looks smashing. there is this sense of space, and then there's evidence of you all, and i just love it. it emphasises all the joy you have shared with us in snippets. so, now you have shown us this, maybe i can challenge you into a suitable new AC theme? feel free to come out and play with us, over the weekend of march, 18-19.