February 10, 2016

toward new shores

Some of you might have guessed it all a long, the big news I was being cryptic about for days. We are moving. Yes, we are leaving our beloved Fishbowl and we are leaving Berlin. It is all quite spontaneous and short-termed, but we have been thinking and discussing this for quite a while already. Many ideas where running through our heads, somehow they have never taken shape. Until, as I have written in my last post, we went on a little roadtrip two weeks ago and suddenly found this amazing place. A place we have always dreamed about; in a very small village 40km south of Berlin (which is close enough to keep working in the city and in the countryside equally); beautifully refurbished old buildings, barns to hold events in, space for workshops and a lot of green grass and little lakes for Miss Emma. After we had met the landlords, it only took us another five minutes to make a decision. And this is where we are at now, somewhere between making plans and saying goodbye. I am so excited about what is next.


  1. Wow, wie toll, liebe Annton!
    Das ist ja fantastisch, schön und wunderbare Fügung, wie es scheint. Das freut mich für euch!
    Herzliche Grüße,

    1. Ja liebe Ariane, es ist wunderbar und aufregend zugleich. Wie ich gerade gesehen habe, kehrt ihr zur gleichen Zeit zurück ins Castle, zu der wir aufs Land ziehen werden. So viele neue Möglichkeiten und viel Grund zum Tanzen. Was denkst du? Liebe Grüße Annton

  2. i'm so excited on your behalf! lol it sounds idyllic. and i was wondering about work. so you will commute it seems? sounds like you will be able to expand your horizons - workshops and events! and al with yummy food ;)

    1. thank you so much! yes, I think it is the whole package we are thrilled about. simply moving wouldn't make sense, but unknown doors opening and fresh perspectives unfolding, is utter perfection, as I see it!

  3. yeah. great news :) can't wait to hear about your new adventures :)

  4. Wow, that sounds great! Especially the barn for events and stuff, I am already jealous I must say! I'm really happy for you and looking forward to new adventures ;-)

  5. OOOH..... that sounds great!
    a barn for events
    space for workshops....
    sounds like a dream to me

    than i don't know if you will have time
    to join the DC...
    i am hosting this weekend
    hope to see you
    maybe one day i will visit you!
    in real i mean ;^)))