February 04, 2016

first steps into february

Some days are busy and completely filled with the most exciting stuff, but they just don't look that way. I have been doing a lot new stuff this week already. There have been four and a half hours at the opera house for starters, watching Richard Wagner's Lohengrin. And though he is absolutely not one of my favourite composers, this has been really impressive. Especially the parts with the choir. And the stage setting. Amazing and brilliant.

And then, I have started a new job (that is not the big news, I still have to keep a secret. Sorry). Well, something little aside; teaching elderly people from all over the world some English. It is only a couple of hours a week, but it perfectly fits into my schedule and into my idea of expanding my aim to work with refugees and migrants. Therefor, I am pretty happy about it. We had a good time together already.

The rest of my days are basically long lists, new ideas and from tomorrow on, a lot of studio work.

I hope you are doing fine, despite the grey and rainy weather lately. Spinach and some pasta for me now.

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