January 05, 2016

queen of colors

Celebrating with the people I love the most, reading books (Like complete books in only
two days. Hurray!), hanging out on the couch and eating a lot of cookies; the idea of taking a break just at the beginning of this year, is working out perfectly. Times are far from perfect these days, the more it seems important to fill up our souls and clear our minds. Emails are on automated response and I am barely answering the phone. Sorry guys, I have needed this so much. And it will be continued until next week.

Though there is no concept behind it, as this would put pressure on it and totally spoil the fun, I can already check some mini adventures of my bucket list. The highlight so far and dare you start laughing, a long ride home through the cold, my love on the side, me having a shot of Whiskey while singing out lout to old fashioned country tunes. No, I was of course not driving, as we don't drink and drive. Right. But it was marvelous to watch that blueish world passing outside, while we had many laughs in the car. A pleasant memory already.

Take me home country road...

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