December 14, 2015

in the middle of it

It is very late at night, the husband is driving across town to deliver blankets and hot tea, while I am cleaning up the studio. The images might not be gorgeous, but actually I feel great. Tired yes, but great. Tomorrow, we will be cooking with 15 elderly people. From all over the world. And have dinner with them. And on Friday, there will be a one-night-show at the Fishbowl and it will be so fine to see all those lovely collectors, clients and friends, just before heading into the Holidays. And last but not least, the end of the year will even hold a little roadtrip to my family. To celebrate New Year's Eve with them. So, apart from me still coughing a bit, things couldn't look any brighter over here. Life is good.

I wish you a wondereful last week before Christmas. And don't forget, to always take enough time to hug your loved ones.

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