July 21, 2015

queen of colors

money soaps by annton beate schmidt

After having a lot to say yesterday, today is much more about images and less words. And about my new favourite color.

For a while already, I am all into yellow. Flowers, dresses and even furniture; a good dose of yellow always helps. So, I was pretty happy, to find at least some pinches of it, in last week's images. There were the former white, turned into an aged ocher Moneysoaps, that I did find in a box while cleaning the studio. I ate, and this has been the first time in a million years, three bags of popping candy. Let's not talk about its ingredients, but it was still a fun little sensation. And Emma, she is so happy to be able to rock that ball again. Her paw has healed, the doc got the stitches out yesterday, and from tomorrow on, it will be us back on long walks. I can't wait, to be honest.

So right now, things are looking pretty bright. I wish you lots of yellow over the week as well. Be it the sun or a happy dress. Enjoy it!


  1. thxs for the yellow, those soaps look delicious, that 2012 post about them adding to their mystery, because that's how they look, from here... glad emma's better too. to long, healthy walks and moderate musings along the way! n♥

    1. oh dear, it was one of the things I wanted to give you, when you were here. send me your adress, if you like, and a little package will be on the way! x