July 14, 2015

queen of colors

While uploading these images, I actually had to laugh. Being busy, once again. Having a week completely out of schedule. Once again. And not really a change in sight. There were more meetings according to the new ride, late night office work, a last minute application for a scholarship, some painting hours, but way too little, and people far too intense for me lately. Berlin seems to explode with them these days. Or is it just me, looking a little too close. I don't know and it is all right I guess.

Then again, the ride is finally fixed and I can start getting used to it. We went to a lovely party in the hood, with great people and good conversations. I have received a wonderful note from the Ukraine (If the sender is reading this, he might just laugh at me as well. But hey, I am just very grateful for having you in my life. Eat that.) And, life can never really be rough, as long as your neighbors will bring you chocolate fishes. Simply because, they want to.

So, let's wait and see, what this week is having in store. And by the way, I love that rainy weather. Don't shoot me. I wish you many great adventures over the next days. And lots of loving, baby.


  1. Replies
    1. it was. and not. we with our nasty little brains. constantly overworking, those bitches ;-)

  2. FAR from shooting you, annton. i embrace the rain over here as well, for the next heat is getting prepared up there. it will be staying in for me, and getting work done. like you. those chocolate fishes... hee hee. n♥

    1. looks like I've needed a lot of rain ;-) and those fishes, aren't they lovely? to pretty to eat, I believe. xx