June 03, 2015

thwarted moment

Just when I have believed to be back on track, a technical bug hit the Fishbowl. And there we had it again, just another break. This time a rather annoying one; inlcuding a dead cell phone, flat tyres on the wheelchair and no one around to help. No wheels, no moving, no phone, no help. Stuck.

The great thing about miseries like that, the moment they are over, you will get up, brush the dust of and go on like before. As they are nobody's fault, no mean trick, just a little bump in the road.

So today is another day, a good one so far, and I have great things happening around me.

First off all, I fulfilled myself a little childhood dream. For years it has been a secret fantasy of mine to have an indoor swing. And now, lucky me is having a swing in my studio. Big smiles, as you might have guessed.

Yesterday, I have also learned, that Berlin actually has its own, a very distinct color: Berlin Blue. Did you know about that? 'It is also known as Prussian Blue, but of course I like the other version best. A collegue brought it over as a present and I find it adorable; a dark royal blue it is. And it is sitting on my painting table shining and waiting to be used.

And last, but by no means at least, on Monday we had twelve lovely, elderly people from all over the world for lunch. We had coffee, homemade bread and cake and have been chatting and listening to each other stories. I am still deeply touched and impressed by the gift of talking to them. This meeting will be followed up by a cooking session for Berlin.Bites

As you can see, the me being grumpy part has been outruled by all the good stuff, and I am happy camper again. Have a wonderful Wednesday, everybody.



  1. an indoor swing!! wonder-full!

    ah, what a treat to listen to the stories of others.

  2. oh.... sorry about the things that went wrong
    but what FINE things have happened too
    an indoor swing... if only we had a place for that
    and that lunch looks wonderful!
    Berlin is still on our wishlist
    (our eldest son visit it once and loved it)
    so.... and Prussian blue, my favorite blue to print with ;^)))


    1. as they say in German: "there is always something." right now I am enjoying, that it is mainly good stuff., while listening to old jazz tunes. oh, you would like berlin in many aspects, I believe. and you will always be welcome to the fishbowl! xx

  3. sounds great. I almost envy you the amount of intersting people you get to meet and talk to all the time. just a little. xoxo

    1. The part I'm really jealous about is that she gets to talk to them over food, is there a better way and place to have good conversation? No, not in my books.

    2. I feel incredibly gifted with such moments myself. and sometimes, that is what I found out, it is only a matter of starting to invite people. and suddenly something that touching and meaningful will come out of it. or you will have the pleasure of a some good food. that alone is worth it. xx