June 30, 2015

a little announcement

You might have expected the Queen of Colors today, but another sleepless night in the studio made it clear, I need to go on a little blog break. Nothing spectacular, simply a proper announcement, that I will be away from this space until Tuesday, July the 7th. Instead of another fading out of schedule.

Right now, there is just a little too much on my plate over here, that needs attention and demands a lot of work. Including the big date on Friday (at least 200 pages of reading to go until then) and a visit by the lovely Nadine from tinyWoolf, which I am so looking forward to.

Therefore I wish you a wonderful week of summer, with lots of popsicles, a little picnic maybe and some dancing in the moonlight. Taking life from the good side.

I won't disappear completely though; if you like to see what is going on during the next days, I would love to meet you over on Instagram.


  1. see you soon. enjoy your break :)

    1. back ;-) you from london, me on the blog.

  2. you will meet Nadine!
    how fine, and i could have known ;^)))
    have fun
    i will hear all about it
    when Nadine and i will travel to my place

    keep cool

    1. it was lovely to have her. she is a very nice, smart and supporting woman! right now here is a major thunderstorm coming down and it smells so good! xx annton