March 30, 2015

queen of colors

Since my last post, the mood hasn't changed terribly much. Things around here, are still a bit blurred and the weekend felt, like the silence before a storm. Last night, really late, the husband had been long asleep, while I found myself in the kitchen. All alone, a cup of tea in front of me. Suddenly the wind started. A strong blast it was, riding through the backyard. I love wind, am fascinated by storm, and so I couldn't resist, but to open the doors to our little patio. And holy Canneloni, what an enormous noise that was. Strong and irrestible it felt, even in the security of an old Berlin backyard. What it meant, time will probably tell.

Have a good week, stay safe and spread your wings.

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  1. I love wind and stormy weather too. just got back from England. by ferry. and it was one of the choppiest rides ever. huge waves. nearly impossible to walk. green faces. but I loved it :)

    1. the green faces are the best part. no, I am kidding. glad you've got home safe and sound. but you're right, a wild ride can be the best ride ever. xo