March 26, 2015

an unexpected dose of silence

You might have noticed; there has been no Queen of Colors this week, but a lot of silence. This wasn't planned at all, but I had taken over an epic translation job during the weekend. A job that glued me to the screen for 12 hours straight. For four days in a row; no walks in the woods, no painting, not even proper cooking. Thank you husband for taking care of all the other stuff. I am an expert on wind parks now. You'll never know, what this will be good for in the future.

Right when I was finished with my work, Tuesday came and with this, the horrible news from the French Alps arrived. I won't be going any deeper into the topic, as there has been so much said and written about it all over the place. Too much to take comfort in it. This story just came a little too close. My thoughts go out to every heart that is broken right now. And I wish for all the souls, who are suffering from this gigantic trauma, to be given enough peace, love and some decent privacy, to find their own way throughout this dark place.

Life is precious.That is what keeps coming back to mind constantly.

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  1. sad news. I'm glad I was a little removed from it during the last week. and I'm glad you got through your translation project xo