February 09, 2015

queen of colors


Nice, though a bit blurred. Last week contained a lot of blues, though nobody was too sad. More the Freezing Temperatures Turn Into Thoughtful Insides kind of blues. Well, not quite true, a favourite mug was broken. A beloved souvenir, but at least it happened in style. Then another night, the ambulance showed up in front of the studio, drowning the complete Fishbowl within the most vivid blue. Nobody was hardly hurt either. Only a minor incident. I have developed a serious crush on Asian rice snack, while painting a lot. And we had a nice night, eating Sweet Corn Soup, while planning our next studio dinner. So, this was great as well.

The only thing I will need to chew on a little longer; I can tolerate and almost like myself on pictures these days. I am old enough to have learned that, one could think. Point given. To watch myself on television though, will definitely not become my favourite new addiction. Loving what you see, when looking at yourself, might just be one of the trickiest lessons in life. And it is pretty easy to tell others to so, managing for yourself, a whole different story.

Therefor, the only thing I wish to you today, have a good week. I will get on with that sense of self exercise. And maybe laugh a little about it too.

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