February 19, 2015

little things thursday

Some days are not for breakthroughs or for moving big piles; one simply has to follow those lists, take ones vitamins, have more than three mugs of coffee and smile at the first blooming of Spring. Even when it happened inside the studio, the weather outside gave Berlin a pleasant idea of more to come. Some days are so ordinary, I'll get a little bit nervous and feel unsettled, hoping for big changes and new doors to open. So ordinary, I will tend to become a little hysterical and grumpy (sorry, husband!). And the again, maybe it is those days, some of them in a neat row, which will actually become the actual breakthrough or a huge mountain moved in the future. That is, why I will try to behave myself a little, talk to that old contender Patience and concentrate on what is right in front of me.

Oh, I forgot, there is something so not ordinary happening today. Happy New Year of the wooden goat, dears. Let's hope it will a bit more gentle with us, than that wild and crazy horse.

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