January 26, 2015

queen of colors

And suddenly more than a week had passed, without me posting anything. I never had the intention to take a break, it just happened between the wee hours and a slow start in the studio. Actually, I can't remember such resistance to return back to my routines after the holidays, as I have experienced this year. It took me three days alone, to set up my painting table. Three days for moving some brushes, sorting out old sketches and paints. Well, and I am definitely not talking tons of stuff. On the other hand, the year had started with some rather unpleasant encounters and with a big sign over my head, screaming:"Clean up, Baby." So, I have sorted out some, let's call them issues in my personal surroundings, and cleared my mind of unhealthy crap. I can see clearly now, the rain has gone, is happening right now. And finally, after all the brain sorting, the pushing stuff, today I have turned back to the brushes. The Fishbowl smells of terpentine again. Oh, and there are some roses for you. Just because, this was the perfect start into the last week of January. Next is a visit to Berlin's City Parliament tonight, to talk a little politics on funding and sponsoring. A productive week to all of you. If you're in need of superpowers, I am more than willing to share a little of that Tiger Balm.


  1. same here. I'm just getting back into the swing of things. almost four weeks in. and boy did this year start in an unpleasant way. just as bad as the last one ended. but maybe that way we get most of the bad shit out early on and the rest of the year will get better???


    1. let's hope for that. I actually believe though, this will be a constant process and the fact, that I didn't watch it honest enough for a while, makes things so messy now. on another note, the start wasn't so bad, but included a good dose of wake-up calls. xoxo

  2. everything has to pause to sort out the muck. glad you did so with some of it. happy painting ;)

  3. thank you, dear autumn. yes, some of the bad stuff is gone. the weird thing is, quite often you don't understood going through such a process. well, until it is almost done. greetings from the studio!