December 15, 2014

queen of colors

When you're planning to attend the opening of a wine shop, by two o'clock Sunday afternoon, you don't need to know Rocket Science, to predict the rest of your weekend. Fully aware of the outcome, that was the idea for yesterday. We only had to walk a couple of metres and have been welcomed warmly to a world totally unknown. The world of Serbian wine, to a special grape called Prokupac (it is a grape you will only find in the area of Serbia) and to two wine lovers, Lukas and Brana. The two of them are so passionate about their wine, that I will not even go there and try to say something about it. Talk to them directly and be in for a very special treat. All I can say is, we have left them happy. And though we did end on the couch, not being able to get anything done anymore, it was so worth it.

Other than that, the week has been very busy, but as it feels like I am repeating this like a broken record, I won't go there any further. But I will go into me being super excited about our first cooking night for Berlin Bites. On Wednesday, we will cook and have dinner with Turkish and Palaestinian kids in a youth club close to the Fishbowl. I am so looking forward to this.

This is going to be the last week of Advent already. Take your time to relax in all that buzz and enjoy it. 

The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS CALENDAR is up in the shop. Twelve fine prints (limited edition) all around food.


  1. my head hurts in sympathy :)

  2. now that sounds like just the way to end a busy week.
    i attended a wine tasting in Montenegro, and didn't like a single serbian wine! lol
    good luck for tomorrow's dinner!