December 02, 2014

queen of colors

It is already late, really late, but as my friend Insomnia has moved back in recently, I am sitting in the studio wide awake. And not unhappy. Everything is so incredibly quiet; the only sounds come from wind dragging the plastic foil over at our neighbor's house. The landlord has decided to uncover the complete roof, to build in new windows and balconies. I am asking myself, who does something like this, right at the beginning of winter? But this is another story and luckily not mine. I feel for their tenants though, because it is  freezing out there.

Today is the first of December and while it is actually a bit too early to start with sobby resumées, I am seriously asking myself, where this year went. Twelve months ago, the only thing I had wished for, was a horrible year to end. About this one, I actually don't know. Somehow things feel raw and rather undone, somehow unsettled, and a certain kind of nervousness accompanies me throughout my days. Probably one of the reasons for the sleepless nights. Maybe there are answers just around the corner or even changes, maybe it is simply the same old story, of getting deep and meaningful by the end of that twelve months circle. I don't know. Peacefully giving in to the busy moves of my mind, to another glass my favourite winter drink and to listening to some more midnight tunes. To sweet dreams.

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