December 31, 2014

letting go and welcoming

It's early evening and I am sitting in the studio, candles and tea, some nice tunes filling the space. On the street, there is turmoil. The annual New Year's Eve war, so to say. Rockets within in seconds, incredibly loud cannon beats and firecrackers crashing between the rows of houses around the hood. Not my favourite sound, to be honest. On the other hand, this situation somewhere between inner calm and one or the other blast from outside, perfectly fits to describe this year, we're about to leave behind. Twelve intense months containing everything from sad Goodbyes to happily waving bad relationships farewell. Some remarkable people came new into my life. Something I am always very thankful and humble about. There have been pleasant surprises and many questions marks as well. It feels like every part of it was necessary to come closer to myself and to understand, where I am heading next. Of course, it was exhausting and I can't say, everything found closure yet, but I am proud to have made it through all the ups and downs. And even more, I am looking forward to the year ahead. My only wishes are, that I will be able to trust my intuition even more than I did in the past. Intuition knows it best, it seems.  And for the world, I so wish that all the drama lately, will come to a rest and that people will eventually start talking to each other, rather than fighting.

For you my dear readers, I wish that you're spending exactly the night you were looking for; dancing, eating or, simply being quiet and thoughtful.

May 2015 be a wonderful and sunny one. We all deserve it! 

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