November 17, 2014

queen of colors

I have been working a lot on another series of foodthoughts. Actually, a complete foodthoughts calendar for the upcoming year. As there was a lot of other stuff going on over last week, I was mainly painting after dawn, which explains the kind of blurry attitude of these images. Maybe not.

Might have been simply me, being a bit tired. How do you adjust to the much darker days, now that the golden part of Fall seems to have left the scenery. It is all good, but as usual, most of us will probably need a moment or two to get used to the new dark. November dawn to me, sometimes feels a bit heartbreaking. Maybe, because it comes so quick. Or maybe, because it stays for so long. I don't know, but I remember having felt exactly the same kind of thirty minutes sadness as a kid. After the night has set in, the nightowl in me comes out and I am happy again.


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