November 27, 2014

on cookies and radio silence connected.

There lies a special charme in breaking your own rules.

For many years, actually since I have moved out from my parents in my late teenage years, my mother has send me cookies at the beginning of each Advent season. She does that for all of us three kids and even extended it on to her grandchildren now. It is some kind of beloved family tradition and as far as I remember, it goes back to my great-grandmother.  Therefor for many years, pretty little boxes have been traveling to Berlin, to Malta, to Zürich and to New Zealand. And for exactly that amount of years, I have promised myself, not to touch the Macaroons, Vanillekipferl and Short Bread, before litting the first candle. It just never worked out. Like never, never. The same happened today, I simply couldn't resist to open the package. Only to get a sent of almonds, butter and some chocolate. Who was I kidding. Seriously.

Right now I am sitting in the studio, stuffed with the most delicious cookies, but despite the fact, that there is still a lot on my list, it feels like I won't be able to move any time soon.



  1. wie wunderbar! da bist du dann jetzt ja in bester adventstimmung. ich hätte auch nicht widerstehen können.
    herzlichen gruß

    1. wer könnte... verspätete, aber nicht minder herzliche grüße!