November 20, 2014

an introduction

I have been hinting a lot towards a project we're working on recently here in the Fishbowl. To let at least, a little bit of the cat out of its bag, the show is called Berlin Bites and is going to be a big food installation, taking place by next year.

Berlin Bites will be an installation using food, to reflect on all the different nations and people living together in Berlin. There is always so much to talk about the problems coming with such an heterogeous society; the newspapers are filled with it, you have political discussions and people are writing sometimes smart, sometimes very stupid books about this topic. We strongly believe, rather than talking about each other, it might be much more interesting to actually talk to each other.

Right now, we've justed started into an intensive research phase. We're visiting all kinds of different places, like youth organisations, clubs and international associations, where we're holding workshops and will be talking a lot about food. We will talk about what we like or rather don't want to eat, about our Lieblingsessen and we will hopefully learn about other people's food; how they cook, their special recipes and what kind of rituals come with certain dishes. We will look into differences and for common grounds, as I am sure there is much more of that, than anybody would expect. By the end of each workshop, we will cook and eat together.

First stop of this research phase is a youth club in our area. An amazing place, bringing together mostly Arabian, Turkish and African kids. We did two sessions already and it is not oly a lot of fun, but we have learned so much too. I can't wait for more to come.

To be continued... 


  1. Annton, this sounds like an amazing project!

  2. thank you, carole, I am pretty excited myself. you can tell, I guess ;-)