October 23, 2014

many threads, but one

Sometimes the life of an artist contains so many different aspects, that it feels like you'll might get entangled between all the different things, tasks and errands. For many years, I have believed to work best, when concentrating on one project only. One painting, one show, one list to tick things off. Life has taught me differently; the more ideas and concepts I am at simultaneously, the better and smoother things will become. The trick is, not to fall over your dancing feet, but staying focused on the one step your currently at. Even, if it is only for an hour, absolutely be with the painting you're sitting in front of. When it is time for framing, then frame. No concept talks aside or hectic phonecalls, while cutting out passepartouts. And when in the middle of a meeting, currently quite often about shows far into next year, I will try to forget about the timeframe, but get as excited as possible right now. Of course, the concept is not waterproof, it does help though, to get me back on track. And back to loving what I do in the moment. No matter how long that moment might be.



  1. Mütter und Künstlerinnen scheinen den gleichen Flow im Leben zu haben... Und mit tänzelnden Schritten und geschmeidigen Bewegungen (innen, wie außen) gleiten wir durch den Tag, so lange wir es verstehen wirklich ganz da zu sein im Moment! Wünsche Dir die richtige innere Melodie, die dich durch deinen Tag trägt.

  2. Schön, das du wieder mittanzt, liebe Ria.