October 17, 2014

a little travel report

Sometimes when selling your art, it does come with one or the other side story; this is my favourite so far. Two months ago one of my pieces had sold to a collector and friend in the United States. After all the arangements where made, a package nice and safely wrapped, went of to the post office. Usually it takes three weeks for a painting to cross the big pond. This time things where a bit different and after almost six weeks I seriously did start to worry. Of course, the package was insured, but loosing a painting would have been a drama to me, nevertheless. I've contacted lovely Katie, if she had heard a word from the post office, when suddenly I've received an email from another Katie. Both, given names and surnames where the same. Katie the Unknown found a package in her P.O. Box, including a painting called "no landscape comes spotless", postcards and some Money Soaps. None of them, she told me, had been ordered by her. Picturing the wide and huge country the U.S. is, you can equally picturing me getting a bit hysterical. At least for a moment. Yesterday I have received another email, a black and white picture of two laughing beauties attached. It turned out that both Katies not only carry the same name, but they also do live in the same town in Ohio and that they're both incredibly nice. They've managed to meet up, exchanged the package and left a smiling artist back in Germany. Thank you, dear Katies, for making this such an encouraging little story, with a happy end. You now, that is something most artists probably dream of, bringing people together. Even when it is because of a mixed up P.O. Box number. With that in mind, be nice to each other and enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  1. this is too weird. but what a nice story :)

    1. isn't it! :)) how are things on your side?

  2. I just adore the new painting. I adore this story, and I adore you!