September 22, 2014

queen of colors

'this short-term evacuation, Pripyat, Chernobyl 30km Zone' by brian duggan

Saturday night, despite feeling a bit like a Zombie, we did manage to attend one of the different fairs of the Berlin Art Week. And we did go to a record release party, hosted in a cellar, a youth club somewhere in a rather rough part of the city. I am not sure, maybe it was me and my blurred vision, or the fever I was carrying around, the chronological order of the two events has simply slipped my memory. I remember seeing some very good art pieces, like the Ferris Wheel by Brian Duggan above, and I am sorry to so say, a lot of clean and pretty surfaces. I am no easy art critic, as probably a lot of artists are the same, but the work has to move me somehow. Pretty is nice once in a while, but unless there is something deeper to it, I will get bored easily. That is why I left a bit dissapointed in the end, heading to a much different experience. A dark place, unknown faces and pink light, paired with heavy rock beats and some down to earth Hiphop beats. We didn't make it to the end of the concert, because our bodies simply went on strike, but I liked what I was listening too. It is great to walk between worlds and be open to the different kind of styles that we're all living.

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