August 18, 2014

queen of colors

Speak Easy Club pic by Cracking The Oyster
Every year, when I have finally got used to Summer, it will leave us. It's August, so there are still going to be some lovely days and nights, but you can already feel the change. In the light. And, in some kind of nervous energy driving many people these days. Everything is a bit more excited, a bit louder and a bit more emotional. Maybe it is only me feeling weird, but over the last days a lot of funny and some rather edgy things have happened. Someone was screaming at a friend, who was walking Emma, that she is abusing the dog, because Emma is too fat. The cause would be crystal clear, she went on, as my friend would be far too fat as well. An hour later I was having the most lovely coffee break, with another dear friend. She, just like that, brought me an incredibly beautiful pair of earrings as a gift from her homecountry Croatia. The same night, two police officers, I had to call them for yet another round of a blocked disability parking spot adventure, they've just left me standing there. After calling me selfish and hysterical, driving away without further notice. The ones I had called second place, turned out to be extremely friendly and nice. They even had a late night coffee with us. One could just pack this stuff into a box, saying PEOPLE and get over it, and actually I am laughing while typing it right now. Still, it feels like the change of season can be a tough cookie on people's minds and souls.

Apart from me trying to figure out big city notions, I seem to have developed a serious thing for all stuff containing beetroot. Also, I am having a little show in November. And, we're still working on the huge installation, that is going to take place next Spring. And I am looking forward to lit the candles, like my friend in the picture, for another studio dinner this Saturday.

I wish you a lovely start into this week and that you'll meet a lot of good minded people on your way.


  1. sounds like a crazy week. but I remember that panicky feeling in late August. people try to squeeze too much into their summers. too much anticipation. too much disappointment. as if the fact that it's sunny and warm outside will change anything. it makes life more pleasant but it doesn't fix their self made misery. xoxo

    1. I believe you hit the nail with your analysis. and the most absurd thing about this, we're actually pretty detached from weather and seasons in our heated houses, driving cars and such. xoxo