August 13, 2014

a different sunday

This week I am going to skip the Queen of Colors. It slipped me on Sunday, in between launching my new website. Monday has been the laziest day ever, so I didn't think of it either. And now we're already in the middle of Wednesday. Therefor I'll postphone that to next week. What got me thinking though, was all that intensive work lately and how to schedule doing the work I love so much, with everything else that is important to me. I have read some similiar posts about it today, making it obvious, I am not the only one struggling with this. Maybe we'll have to understand, it is not possible to be present everywhere at the same time. Maybe it is ok, to work a lot and to be occupied, as long as you'll talk about it with your loved ones. We all have our visions and dreams, and not to follow them, would be ridiculous. And it would make us feel miserable and unhappy. There is this constant talk about balance and about healthy ways to handle stress, as it might be especially tricky for freelancer. But then again, going back into my childhood, with parents who were working nine to five jobs, spending quality time with the family had been no less a matter of decision, than it is for me today. Many of those advices according to a balanced lifestyle are probably right, but when I am in the middle of a project, I love diving into it deeply and riding the flow. Stopping at a certain point, because a schedule is telling me to do so, appears no healthier to me. Maybe this is about the bigger picture, about phases and a lot of unsual ways to deal with it. Some weeks we will work a lot, while others seem to be made for going slow and for waiting. Maybe the trick is, to sometimes pack your stuff, the husband and the puppy and drive to a quiet place and simply work there. On the fresh cut lawn of your mother-in-law's garden, with ice cream and a good dose of summer fruits, with no phone and no computer around. You will be amazed how much can actually be done in only two hours. Involving the husband in your projects, doesn't hurt either.

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