July 09, 2014

wet, wet, wet

There is very little art around the Blog these days and actually, it is the same in the Fishbowl itself. I haven't touched a painting in weeks and really, really do miss my brushes. But let us be honest, being an artist involves so much more than creating. Though it is the part, we're probably all most comfortable with, the package comes with organisational stuff, meetings and with making concepts too. Sometimes it even feels, like you're do nothing else. On the other hand, what can be more creative than building up dreams, ideas and visions on a piece of paper or getting wild, while planning projects with others. And excactly this is what is happening right now. Plus a lot of rain coming down here.

P.S. By the way, the band shooting photographs in the Fishbowl, where the Beatsteaks for Visions.
I know, pretty cool, ey! 

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