July 12, 2014

walking, not running

basil ice cream & white tomato mousse by emil torp
"finally at peace with german history" by thomas behling
"when I am grown, life is going to be exciting and thrilling" by thomas behling

Last night I went out for some relaxed walking around the hood. It wasn't really a hot summer night, but balmy enough to take your time. And once again, I was reminded, it is just amazing to explore an area you've believed to know so well. To catch some new perspectives, look what other artists are doing around you and talk to your neighbors. It was a pleasure to meet up with you, beloved hood.

Tonight it is me and the couch. Life is never the same, right.



  1. looks like a great walk. and here I am, gone for less than a month, and I already miss that part of life in Europe. green grass everywhere :)

    1. yes, it was. and I won't go on about the green grass, but actually these nights happen so randomly; I am not sure if they're not easy to manage when living somewhere far out. still thinking. and still hearing that inner voice. xx