July 21, 2014

queen of colors

I am living on bread today. Bread, homemade strawerry jam and chilled juices. Anything else, simply would be too much. It seems to be even hotter than yesterday and it feels like a thunderstorm is just around the corner. The air is heavy and thick. Kind of like my thoughts. Today I am missing my friends in Israel and in Gaza. So much and so painful. I am scared for their lifes, their hearts and their souls. Today I've read some lines, that are basically summing it up for me. All the drama and all that terrible mess.

When Israelies are getting attacked, I am an Israeli too.
When Palestinians are getting attacked, I am a Palestinian too.
When Jews are getting insulted, I am a Jew too.
When Muslims are getting insulted, I am a Muslim too.

No way, I will take sides. There is no use to it. Life and every single human being is far too precious to follow biased positions, created by minds far far away from the ones who have to suffer. I am sending out all my love and my hope, that one day we will be able to finally see. And to understand, how incredible stupid we have been. Please friends, take care. 


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