July 13, 2014

for wings to fly

The most haunted places sometimes turn into the most beautiful ones. This morning we had an early appointment for a little photo shoot. Meeting spot was supposed to be a little parc, just across Berlin's Hauptbahnhof. To be honest, I actually didn't know, there was a parc, and when we've entered through it's massive brick walls, I was even more than stunned. An incredible serene place welcomed us; a wide open space with incredibly green grass, beautifully landscaped and though it was sunny and warm, almost deserted. Only a stone's thrown away from the most buzzing and actually pretty messy area, that is the central station. For a moment I simply couldn't move, slowly taking in this absolutely unexpected scenery. I was even more fascinated, when our photographer friend did tell me, that this place had been a prison for many years, and that after it was demolished in 1958, they've turned it into some kind of memorial. Staying here, taking pictures and having coffee on the grass, it felt truly humble.

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