July 04, 2014

a little confession. and not.

Yesterday a friend of mine started a little argument with me. Maybe more of a discussion, but it lingered in my head for a while. She asked me, how it comes that I am so passionate about watching the Soccer World Cup and if I didn't know about all the trumoil and the social conflicts it has caused so far? Bähm, there it was, my quilty concience. Usually I don't care too much about sports and of course, I am totally aware about those problems and even more, the very dirty business that is behind events like this. We all have seen the images of massive demonstrations in Rio and in Sao Paolo. I have watched a documentary about the megalomanic planning of a stadium, build in the middle of the jungle, only to use it for four games. For ever. It made me so angry. And for quite a while, I had been asking with myself, should I completely boycott watching the Cup? Would I be even able to enjoy one single game, when knowing what human beings had to go through, so we others could have fun? And more importantly, how sick and criminal huge companies deal to reach the most possible profit. It is more than a shame. These are serious crimes. Then on the other hand, I am totally in love with the energy of international teams challenging each other. I love, how all over the world people are coming together, cheering, screaming or comforting each other. I have tears in my eyes, when witnessing strangers starting to passionately talk to each other, or simply giving each other a hug. And by the end of the day, I have decided, it is not the event that is the problem. It is what going on in the background. That has to be talked about. Organisations and people have to be made accountable for doing terribly wrong. The Cup itself is about people and about coming together. We should focus on that, while showing all those criminals the door. And that is, why I am so passionate about the World Cup. In one and in the other way. Back to the game now.


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