June 26, 2014

spots come more colorful than fields of gold

Looking at these images makes me laugh a little; I've seldom got that little sleep than over the last days. So little in fact, yesterday a quick afternoon nap was needed. Otherwise it would have been impossible to make it through the rest of that Wednesday. The same adjusts to the very summery breakfast with currants and to the impressive green alley, I was able to enjoy this morning. Maybe these images stuck in my head, these bright impressions stayed, because they were so much needed. After endless hours of heavy rain and of equally endless work in the office, a cardbord box filled with the brightest of red and a five minute dive through an overwhelming green jungle become, much more precious as single versions, than as series. This has been a great Thursday and above, I am very happy to tell you, Emma went through her first test like a champ. We don't get the results before Tuesday, but the two hours of working in the parc felt good and I am pretty content, she will be the most amazing assistant dog ever.



  1. Bravo, Emma!
    Your currant and porridge make my mouth water. Happy weekend, sus

  2. Thank you, Sus. And sssh, Emma made it, but I will reveal it in a post soon. T'ogether with the story about our first attempt! Greetoings from Berlin.