June 30, 2014

queen of colors

Where is it we want to be, ten years from now? A question you'll too probably ask yourself, once in a while and one, which meaning can easily overrun by life itself. Still, we do it. Especially over the weekend, lying on the couch and doing nothing, but enjoying a good dose of blur and lovely fatigue. This was exactly how my weekend was spend and to a certain point, I have really loved it. As you might have guessed already, there was a little downside to it. A tiny akward moment, when the funny part of a head in the clouds and a heart traveling all over the place, wasn't funny alone anymore. What did strike me though, all the thinking and building up fantasy islands, houses or lifes, where does it leave us now? Right in the moment. And when dreaming about somewhere completely different, does this make things we do right now, less precious or even wrong? No, for me it doesn't. Not at all. Ideas and visions have always been a great source of inspiration and motivation to me. To shape future days in my head, doesn't hold me back from living the present. And even when I feel stuck sometimes or don't know where to go next, the future will happen anyway. And to create visions about it, will only help to focus and to grab the bull by its horns, so to say. Time will decide on the rest. With that in mind, sleep tight and remember well, what your dreams where about.



  1. I'm with you. you can enjoy and live in the moment and still dream and plan and live in the skies too. you go girl!!!


  2. so it is two dreamers, who will go a long way between vision and reality. cannot wait to see us in ten years! xoxo