June 23, 2014

queen of colors

All silent and rather introvert the week went by and looking at it's pictures, I actually do not wonder about all those dashes of pink. From a delicate reflection in my Grandmother's huge old bowl, we were super lucky to get as a present lately, to the pedals of some slowly fading peonies, this is what life might just look in between. Including the vibrant and all-over-the-place-pink of a marker, that was used for tons of application forms and papers lately. I am feeling good this Monday morning, all close to myself, working through today's list. All is calm in the Fishbowl, the husband sits in his office next door and Emma is resting peacefully beside me, on her own private couch. I wish you a good start into this week as well. Have some ice cream or your favourite cookie.



  1. ice cream sounds good. I'll have some for you too. have a good week xoxo

    1. did you get my text message, dear? I am having beer and strawberries right now. in combination with soccer. well, can yo believe that? ;- ) xoxo