June 21, 2014

a lot of work and even more treats

There are some things, that usually get me back into flow. Not always always, quite often. Planting herbs in front of the Fishbowl or eating sillys sweet reminding my of my childhood, gets me smiling and gives me a feeling, of building the world a little more like I want it. It is the same with homemade food. Like the marvelous sourdough bread, the husband made yesterday. A couple of months ago, he has started with this little routine. As there had been always more bread than we could've finished within a few days, we gave away the one or the other loaf as a present. Quickly a little fan community has grown. We've even given the bay a name: HAUSBROT. And now, the husband is having a serious backing session, once a month. People can order their HAUSBROT via email and pick it up during Open Studio hours. Why didn't we come up with that idea any sooner; people are buzzing in and out of the studio, all smiles. The place smells marvelous from the warm loafs waiting for them on a huge tray. We will sit together with our visitors, over a cup of coffee or while look at my latest work. There are noumerous lucky sighs in the air and everybody feels happy, light and easy. So much happiness coming from something as little as a loaf of HAUSBROT is absolutely amazing to me. It is obviously the little things we're missing the most within our busy lives. And sharing with others seems to make us happy too. I love HAUSBROT, I love my Open Studio days, and I love the husband for sharing such precious passions with me. And for being silly enough, to get into ideas like that. With a heart almost exuberant with all that love, I wish you a very good weekend.

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  1. Liebe Annton, der Geruch von frischem, warmen Brot ist für mich Kindheit pur. Da Euer Hausbrot für mich leider unerreichbar ist, backe ich selber... Und genieße die Glücklichen Augen meiner Familie! Lieben Gruß von Ria