May 02, 2014

the sea wearing green

I do miss the ocean these days. The wide and open space and the wind, that is blowing in different weather constantly. And I miss the noise coming from high waves crashing onto the shores. You can sense, I love the ocean wild. And I adore its power. A similiar feeling of strength do I have, when walking through the woods in Spring. When inhaling the fresh green, after brown, drieded out Winter scenes. Suddenly the whole space seems to own different dimensions. Emptiness changes into secret ways and defined corners arise, where nothing in particular talked to me before. It is not my first Spring and by no means, it is an exclusive feeling, but I still enjoy it so much. Such a gift. And every time, I'll take a good dose of inspiration from it. Home and into the Fishbowl. For a rainy day. Or just like that. To a happy and joyful weekend.



  1. well, I have plenty of ocean all around me. and what do I miss? greens and trees and flowers and the sound of wind rustling through the leaves and the forest and the smell of pine needles :)

  2. you'll never get the green out of the girl... ;-)