May 25, 2014

queen of colors

We're back in the Fishbowl and one week has already gone. Although it had been a full week, including long car rides and an intense workshop; sometimes full of laughter, in other moments quite teary and blue, it actually doesn't feel like being back. Not yet. The place I am in right now, I'd rather leave it untouched and not defined at all. All I can say, I am sad, but at peace. When life conquers you with big changes, the most important part about it, is to give yourself time. It is true, the world will keep on turning, but we don't necessarily need to follow that pace. Not always. And especially, we don't need to follow, what others might expect from us. Staying as close as possible to what my heart is telling me, has been my path so far. Something I absolutely need to do though, because it has been overwhelming, is to thank you so much for all the comments, messages and the calls. They really mean a lot. I have even received a wonderful, handpainted card from a friend. Not only does it look extremely pretty, it contains the most tender and strong words. Magical words, which will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for those too, Ariel.

P.S. By Tuesday, I am going to finally draw the winner for the Glamorous Mind shirt. So, you still have the chance to be in the draw for some Lemon power.


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