May 13, 2014

queen of colors

The thing with routines is a really weird one. Some take months to establish, other only the blink of an eye. As the last late night in the studio felt so good, it seems I desperately needed to repeat it. And here I am, while everybody else in the Fishbowl is already snoring or watching a movie on their notebook, it is me, some nice tunes and the computer. Oh, and a glass of Pastis. Actually it is far too cold for such icy drink, but something deep inside of me, didn't only call for some time of my own, but also for something that speaks Summer very clearly. And Pastis it is for me; nights in front of a tent, the sound of the sea and friendly voices having deep conversations until dawn. Well, enough of that, the balm nights will be here soon enough. I actually like the ever so changing weather we currently have in Berlin. Including walks through the wood with Emma, while the skies are wild and you can smell the moisture of the soil with every step. This by the way, is a more serious routine I am trying to establish around here; more regular excursions. Away from the Fishbowl and away from working and maybe, from thinking too much. I have always known, this is the best way to adjust myself, but as we all probably know, it is so easy to forget within our daily routines. Over last week though, I've managed to follow up with this resolution pretty well. Hopefully I will stay tuned to that. Before I am taking the good tunes to bed with me, I wish you a wonderful week. And a good dose fresh wind, to blow your wings.


  1. you can smell the moisture of the soil with every step - oh, how I envy you... but I'm leaving for the UK tomorrow, so I might get a little bit of that myself soon :)

    1. have a safe trip, dear. and let's skype, when things have settled.

    2. yes, let's do that :) xoxo