May 15, 2014

more on lemons & a cool t-shirt to win

People to me, are the most beautiful, when they are authentic. I don't care if they're blonde or slim, if they're tall or short and curvy. It is of no importance to me, if they love men or women, which profession it is they are following or what food they do prefer. As long as it is done with passion and love, it makes them stunning and beautiful. What others might see as flaws, to me they are the essence of our uniqueness.
*Be who you are and shine.

Of course, to follow this path isn't always easy. Sometimes we will feel weak or will doubt, who we are. For these moments, I have designed a little reminder, a note to get back to some healthy self admiration. I just put on some Glamorous Mind and feel better within the blink of an eye. Maybe it does work for you too.

To be in the draw to win one of the Glamorous Mind t-shirts, simply go to the shop, have a good look around and choose the design you like most. Then come back to the Blog and tell us, what it is that makes you shine. What do you like most about yourself? Don't be shy, even when it needs a little bravery. Be it your sparkling eyes or your talent to bake the craziest cakes ever, I want to know it all. It doesn't matter, as long as you love it, it will make you beautiful and special. So often we tend to compare or think not exactly friendly about the person that we know the best. We are not always very kind to us. So let's start to look at this differently and celebrate who we are.

The winner will be drawn by Sunday the 18th of May. I can't wait to see all your proud and glittery answers!


  1. well.... this is not easy I would say... I don't like talking about myself or think about what I like about me... that says it all ;-) but I think what I like about me is that I can say that I'm just a nice person, as easy as that... I don't get angry, won't shout or judge, I just listen to you and try to be there and help. now I think about it, it is probably my weakest point as wel;-) I like your contest and how you put it, it truly is a challenge and sort of confrontation with yourself. oh yeah: I still like the rhubarb design a lot!

  2. wonderful message. i've spent almost a year not letting myself shine... i'm shining again, slowly. and as you suggest, most people try to shine in superficial ways, but we ALL have light inside, if we allow it to come out.

    well i came to respond to your words, but might as well enter! sooo.... what makes me shine? my willingness to confront myself - choices, actions, thoughts even - and to do better next time.
    and i make really good chai. :)

    i enjoyed seeing/reading all your designs. so fun! Be Who You Are And Shine is my fave

  3. sorry for your father...
    and thank you for inviting me to come here and at your s6, I really love the lemons but pink promises love, this is fine for me. You know, me, I love my eyes, my smile and my sense of humor and that God loves me :-)
    best wishes to you and your family and many thanks
    x Stefanie

  4. I'm just catching up on blogs and found out about your father. I'm sorry to hear. thinking of you. lots of love xoxo