April 17, 2014

working it & strawberry tales

I don't know about you, but I am pretty bad, when it comes to eating routines while working. Yes, living with a chef husband should fix this a little. Chefs though, are the worst when it comes to their eating habits. Always in between, generally on the run, they almost never take the time to sit down and eat slowly. As you might know we're cooking in the Fishbowl, if possible every single night. Even when I am on my own, because the husband has a job somewhere else, I will cook for myself. This is great and I totally love that time of the day. It does make up for something. During daytime though, it is a bit of a drama. While working, I tend to forget about everything and Superwoman style, ignore my body getting hungry. Who wants to interrupt, when things are running smoothly. Right? And then, suddenly I will find myself hypoglycemic and so weak, there will be no time left to get some proper diet, but sweets, fast food or sometimes even half a bag of chips. I know, this sounds terrible. Believe me, typing it feels equally unpleasant. So far, I have never thought about, why someone usually aware of what she is eating and someone who is very much in love with fruits, vegetables or homemade bread, sucks that much when it comes to integrating food during studio hours. If you don't want to read anything about self-awareness and how routines do affect us, stop right here. I obviously avoided it for a long time too. Only very recently I did understand, why I am handling things as I do and that eating poor is nothing, but the perfect way to stop me in my tracks and to block a good running flow. Simply, because things running good, can be equally great and scary as well. How silly is that? Well, people are silly, I guess, and the fact that I am aware of it now, should be the first step to change it. So today, I did treat myself to regular breaks, ate healthy stuff and made myself a divine smoothie on top. It took me a while to make all this, but though we're already in the early afternoon hours, I am still working and still feeling a buzz of energy. Some things are that simple, we just tend to overlook or ignore them for the wrong reasons. Having that said, the thing I wish for you for this thursday: "Enjoy your meal, guys."



  1. "...because things running good, can be equally great and scary as well."

    thank you for saying that!!! so true. for me at least. sadly.

    is it because we know all of life goes in circles? we feel that a bunch-of-good has to be interrupted by some-bad, eventually? don't attract "the evil eye"! don't say "bad" things out loud and put them out into the universe... etc.

    whatever, it continues to scare me.

    thank you for stating something which i too feel.

    (who lives in the north east of the us, and came over from petra's blog)

    1. yes, the good can be tough... I think it goes even deeper. even more sad. it seems we sometimes do not believe to deserve good. at least, this what I sense. that is why we block the sun sometimes, when she is there. maybe because we're scared to leave our comfort zones of drama and hardship. aren't we humans silly things...