April 06, 2014

queen of colors

It is already Sunday night and I am sitting at my office desk in the studio, while listening to chilled out tunes and breathing balmy Spring air. All easy and serene. The day passed in a blurry mix of sunshine, blossoms and cake. Infused with long conversations and a lot of getting lost within a powder blue sky.  After a couple of intense days, far too little sleep and a fair that has left me completely perplexed, this was a cure very much needed. A bit cheesy to say so, but yesterday has shown me some rather unhappy stories and people, who have stuck them themself into dark dead-end streets, with no strength to leave them. For that I do not only feel sad, but also thankful and proud to be able to life a very different life. Circumstances are of course one side, but our decisions are the other. And that is the one side, we have power of. This night is to happiness, as fleeting as this might be, and to the concious decision to be so. Have a gorgeous week and dance a little.

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