April 19, 2014

maybe a little while

What a precious gift; two, well almost three days of going slow and off taking a break. How much I have been longing for this. And even the weather seems to be with us, inviting for a stroll and big smiles. We've already started today, with a chilled out shopping spree to the market. Beautiful flowers, a lot of feel good food and a big pile of reading delights are in the house now. There will not be a lot going on and I so love the sound of that. Except from a little dancing in the kitchen, a lot of sleep and a family BBQ by tomorrow, the sun and the couch are ours. I hope you have equally relaxed plans for the upcoming days, and are enjoying a lovely Easter Break too. Take you time and breathe and dream.

P.S. This wonderfully drawn Easter Card has been in the mailbox today. Thank you Superkuz, I love it. 



  1. happy easter,
    enjoy your freetime with feel good food and lot's of love!


  2. sounds great. happy easter to the three of you xoxo