March 02, 2014

queen of colors

We are still in a bit of shock here at the Fishbowl. And thoughtful over the last day's stories, included the feeling that some things have to change. But looking into the week, there has been a lot of shiny and bright too. Or some dramatic red, if you want so. However we will put it, life is never one dimensional. Things are continuing to be tricky, as for some stuff you simply can't change during the weekend, but we're trying hard to keep going. Working and staying busy, definitely is the best way to deal with some obstacles on the way. And yesterday especially, gave us a million reasons to celebrate. Most of all, there was the arrivial of Emilia, our brand new niece. Welcome to the clan, Beautiful. Believe me, she is adorable. So was her three old brother, holding her for the first time. My heart melted seeing it. And to make this family addition even more glorious, whe toasted to her during a friend's fifties birthdays party. One that has been such a pleasant surprise too; a room filled with lovely and smart people, having fun and dancing. With that in mind, I feel much better prepared for the days ahead. We will rock it and hopefully tomorrow already, will be much brighter again. Wishing you a nice ending to this weekend and lots of smiles, comes Monday.

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