March 29, 2014

monochrome routines

Lately I have found out, that I am far more shy, than the mirror has told me about. The attributes given to you by your surroundings, can pretty much overpaint what lies beneath. And then, you might forget about those secret shades. I was reminded how deep art can touch me. It happens so seldom, which probably is the best part of it. And last, it was uncomfortably defined to me, that some goals simply are not reached over night. All in all, some pretty introverted adventures, I guess. On the surface they've appeared as a show opening, late nights in the kitchen and even more time with dogtraining. Bright stuff will be back soon enough. For tonight, I will enjoy another round with my almost finished website and an deliciously empty house. Have a good Saturday too, whatever shades it is colored in. 

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  1. can't wait to see the new website (especially after all the ranting) - I hope colour will seep into your life again soon xoxo

  2. be excited about the website. especially as it it comes with business cards too. and the ranting; oh what insecurities can do to us, right?! xoxo