February 23, 2014

queen of colors

From one Queen of Colors right into the next one. Sorry, for a week of entire silence. I didn't even notice the tulips in the studio were gone, but there was so much going on, the days were literally flying out of the window. Dinner with friends, twice (and no proper picture of that), a huge birthday party for the sister-in-law and we finally have a grown-up couch in the living room. One we all fit on; the husband, me and Emma. Such a treat. Other than that, the husband's company site is up. Hurray! There are still some minor things to do, but taking in account it was planned to be done by the beginning of February, I am pretty happy about this stage. The first website ever done by us, and if you know me, you can guess there was a lot anxiety overcoming involved. It is true what they say sometimes, you have to jump and suddenly you will be able to fly. Or something like that. On top of all the busy atmosphere, I have spent last night on the studio floor, finishing a big commissioned piece. It is already out of the door, getting delivered this minute. Thank you love, for taking care of this. So, this was a quick visit around here; to tell you that I have missed you guys. That I am fine. And that the only wish I have right now, is taking a bath and getting on that beloved new couch of ours. To another exciting week ahead. Including a much needed dose of balance, for all of us.

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  1. Yes, busy seeking balance as the new week rushes in. Best wishes, waving from my couch this evening, sus

  2. Congratulations on that commission piece! And I wish you a good week, I can use some balance so I wish that to the both of us ;-)

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words the other day! I felt much better after reading your comment, and this as well.

    1. thank you so much, dear. this is what happens so often to me, when reading your blog.