January 24, 2014

soaked up days

I am still in the middle of all this designing and creating. Actually, the whole Fishbowl is. Including a rather bored Emma. We still spend our days (and partly nights) with our heads lost within fresh profile texts, with taking pictures of my work, with cooking and shooting for the husband and with screaming at the ceilings of our offices, because one or the other thing doesn't work out the way we had planned it. Of course. And in between, Winter has moved to Berlin with us almost not noticing.

I am not in love with this whole website creating process, as missing my brushes and pens becomes slowly a bit painful. On the other hand, I do like challenges. And as this is the first time, we are in this fully on our own, it is exciting too. Before we had decided how to create our sites, designer in or no designer involved, there has been as lot of time spent in the kitchen. We had quite some discussions on what the pros and the cons would be. Last time my website was made entirely by a designer, which was totally fine too. I love working with capable people. Except from the facts, that it was my first site ever and I was pretty unaware of a lot of points, and that the budget was pretty low. So we had to make a lot of compromises, which resulted in a beautiful site, but a not flexibel one. There were no possibilities to exchange pictures, to showcase new work, to include the blog or my online shops. Within a short time, it became very clear, there was no way I could maintenance this baby for myself. Unfortunately the designer wasn't available either. Therefor, going with some kind of predesigned template, that leaves enough space to individualize it to our needs, was the decision that looked most tempting in the end. I am still not sure about the result of this journey and usually, I would rather go with a professional, but I guess we'll have to wait and see for the outcome.

Before jumping right back into the website bubble, I wish you a wonderful weekend though. See you on Monday, with another round of the Queen of Colors.

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  1. good luck. and I hope you survive the snow. looks horrible ;) xoxo

    1. well, as you can see in today's post, I will survive, but not with a smile ;) xoxo