January 13, 2014

queen of colors

Still doing things slightly different over here; different than last year, maybe different at all. I don't know, if I can stick to this, but for the first twelve days I wasn't too bad. It is not like me getting up, thinking:"Yeah, difference it is." More like some kind of rememberance and the sour taste of dislike, guiding into new directions. What didn't feel good last year, why should there be the repeating of an unloved song during the new one? So far, I went to some very good events and unknown places, there is still a lot of sleep, and the wardrobe is completely ripped off all things, that didn't make me feel gorgeous. Walking into our bedroom and having such clear sight now, feels so good. On top, for some of the pieces been thrown out, for me rather unsual colors have moved in. Some yellow even. And there is something else I have found out over the last weeks; every little thing you'll change, opens the door to another new thing. Like playing Dominoes reversed. You put one stone up and another follows. To another adventurous week of setting tiny stones.

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  1. Dear Annton,
    sometimes changing is the only possibility you have. We did a "Frühjahrsputz" at home, because of the high tempratures this year in January instead of March or so and I feel so "light" and happy. To have some new colours in your wardrobe will bring some new colours into your life, I bet.
    Wish you a nice week!

  2. Dear Ria, you're absolutely right. And even more, when we feel like changing. I cannot wait what yellow will bring. Hoping you're having a good week too!